Slip Screen - Radical Craft & G!LL!SSlip Screen - Radical Craft & G!LL!SSlip Screen - Radical Craft & G!LL!S

Slip Screen is a component-based skin system designed to create an environmentally-responsive envelope for the Ceramic House project. It integrates historic glazed terra-cotta tile façade systems of the late 1800’s with parametric performance-based, digitally fabricated slip-cast modules. While the historic ornamental tiles have become extinct due to their singular aesthetic function, the Slip Screen modules capitalize on the volumetric nature of slip-cast modules, creating a thickened membrane that regulates the environment. The various functions (evaporative cooling, trombe wall, gray water filtration, and more) of this skin inform its ornamental qualities.

The production of these modular components hybridizes the repetitive efficiencies of mold/cast systems with the non-standard production made possible by CAD/CAM technology. Plaster molds halves are directly milled by a three-axis router. While one half is responsible for the geometry of connections to structure and neighboring modules, the other mold half embeds the performance aspects (Solar Water Heater, Evaporative Cooling, Green Wall, etc.) creating a component set of well-calibrated (but not infinite) variability.

Project Team:
Christopher Brown
Andrew Heumann
Mimi Ho
Darius Woo
Pilar Valdez
Lindsey Dehenzel