PolyMorph by Jenny E. SabinPolyMorph by Jenny E. SabinPolyMorph by Jenny E. Sabin

Produced for the 9th ArchiLab titled, Naturalizing Architecture, FRAC Centre, Orléans, France. On view through March 30th, 2014.

Material: 3D printed positive molds, plaster negative molds, high fire slip, ceramic cast and glazed components, steel cable, hardware

Weight: 225kg
Dimensions: 213.5 cm x 213.5 cm x 198 cm

Architectural Designer and Artist: Jenny E. Sabin
Design and Production Team: Martin Miller, Jillian Blackwell, Jin Tack Lim, Liangjie Wu, Lynda Brody

This project is funded jointly by the Jenny Sabin Studio, the Pew Fellowships in the Arts and the PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grant at Cornell University.

This project showcases revolutionary steps in the integration of complex phenomenon towards the design, production, and digital fabrication of ceramic form in the design arts and architecture. This work includes advances in digital technology, digital fabrication, advanced geometry, and material practices in arts, crafts, and design disciplines. Techniques in parametric and associative environments are incorporated with feedback derived from material constraints as well as performance assessments. The project interrogates the physical interface between networking behavior and fabricated material assemblies in order to address novel applications of non-standard ceramic components towards the production of 3D textured prototypes and systems.

A bespoke script based on networking behavior and recursive properties generates PolyMorph. The density of the network is constrained by material properties inherent to working with clay. In the production of relationships and correspondences, “tools” such as computer scripts are designed and developed to orchestrate the movement between multiple modes of working. Parallel processing, feedback loops, and research are encouraged to provide an environment in which dynamic relationships reveal to the imagination new possibilities of organization at multiple scales.